6 Foods That Make Neuropathy Worse

When diagnosed with a physical ailment, we are quick to turn to medication to treat it. Tablets, creams, and supplements can work wonders. However, one incredibly important factor that can sometimes get overlooked is our diet. Food plays a substantial role in overall health, especially for people with neuropathy. In this article, we’ll look at … Read more

5 Best Supplements for Nerve Pain and Neuropathy – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Supplements for Nerve Pain

If you have ever experienced the burning and tingling sensations from neuropathy, you know firsthand it’s one of the worst feelings of pain and discomfort anyone can experience. It feels almost like ants crawling over your hands and feet. Some days the nerve pain and nerve damage can completely take over your entire being and you … Read more

What Makes Neuropathy Flare up? Here Are 4 Common Causes and The Top 3 Solutions

what makes neuropathy flare up

Neuropathy can make life far more difficult than it has to be. Of course, there will always be some struggle when it comes managing the pain and the uncomfortable feelings that come with the condition. Quick Navigation What Causes Neuropathy To Get Worse?The Wrong FoodsPoor Physical HealthPoor Mental and Emotional HealthContradicting MedicationsHow Can They Be … Read more

Can Coconut Oil Help Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy Pain?

Coconut oil is often linked to medical benefits such as heart and brain health. Yet it might be useful in treating peripheral neuropathy, a nerve disorder that causes burning, stinging sensations.What Is Peripheral Neuropathy? Quick Navigation What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?Treating Peripheral NeuropathyCoconut Oil’s Beneficial PropertiesNerve Pain and Coconut OilOther Treatment OptionsLifestyle ChangesVitamins & HerbsElectronic Signaling … Read more

Top 4 Foot Exercises for Peripheral Neuropathy Symptom Relief

In 2017, the Diabetes Care journal reported that half of everyone with Type 2 diabetes is managing neuropathy and nerve pain. This is an astounding statistic and demonstrates how prevalent neuropathy is, especially for those with diabetes. Quick Navigation Here’s What Every Diabetic Should KnowWhy Do Foot Exercises Work for Neuropathy?Useful Foot Exercises That You … Read more

How Benfotiamine In Nerve Renew Provides Neuropathy Relief

For a person with neuropathy, it can be difficult to enjoy many of life’s simple pleasures. Recurring pain, muscle weakness, balance issues, and mobility issues all conspire to rob you of the experience of activities which you once took for granted. Fortunately, while there is no cure for certain types of neuropathy—including the most common … Read more