Addressing Common Complaints with Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew is a supplement designed to treat the many symptoms of neuropathy like the tingling, burning sensation or even the loss of sensation whatsoever in the extremities and limbs of the body. Those who suffer from chronic pain because of neuropathy are unable to maintain a ‘normal’ routine. This is where Nerve Renew steps in, with ingredients like Vitamin B1, B12 and D along with other mineral and herb extracts, it attempts to tackle and diminish the intensity of these symptoms.

When one of your own suffers from chronic pain or illness, you want to do whatever is possible to help them in anyway. After one of my own started using Nerve Renew, I noticed the changes myself within the span of 2-3 weeks. They were now walking and with assistance, even went grocery shopping as well.

It is FDA approved and follows the GMP for supplement manufacturers. While there are many people talking about how much Nerve Renew has benefitted the, there are still a few complaints as with any other product. So, I will be addressing some of these complaints today.

·      Complaint: Not Getting any Results

Before I start off here, it is important to understand that each body is different from the next. Some people metabolize and absorb nutrients sooner, others might not. Similarly, it also depends on the severity of your case. People who have been suffering from severe or prolonged neuropathy might take a little longer to show results than those who were just recently diagnosed with it.

·      Complaint: Adverse Reaction to the Supplement:

This can be attributed to a number of reasons. In most cases of neuropathy, the condition is triggered or worsened by vitamin deficiencies. However, that is not the case with everyone. Some people might have developed neuropathy without any vitamin deficiency. This is where the problem comes in, Vitamin B12 is really good for lessening the severity of neuropathic pain and its symptoms. However, if a person is taking Vitamin B12 supplements when they already have sufficient Vitamin B12 in the body, they will experience added neuropathic pain instead. The same case applies to other vitamins like Vitamin D as well. So, it is important that you get your vitamin levels tested and talk to your physician before you start introducing these type of supplements to your diet.

Nerve Renew also contains herbs and their extract like skullcap, passion flower and Oatstraw extract etc. to name a few. So, the possibility of you having an allergic or adverse reaction to any of these natural ingredients is also a factor to take into consideration here.

·      Complaint: Problems Cancelling Shipment:

I have come across reviews of people saying that their attempt to cancel their order was rejected because the product had already been ‘processed and shipped,’ so they were then forced to pay for the product even though they clearly did not want it.

After confirming the order, the customer care sends a confirmation email where it usually specifies a deadline date. You have to cancel your order at least a day before the deadline. If you try to cancel your order it will automatically be rejected and it will be delivered to you.

·      Complaint: Having to Subscribe to Auto-shipment before Availing the Trial:

Personally this review went over my head for a number of reasons. First of all, if you visit the Nerve Renew website and scroll below, you will find their two week trial offer which lets them send a limited amount of the product to you so that you can try before you decide to subscribe to them.

Secondly, even if you did place an order for a monthly subscription along with the two week trial offer, they still present you with a deadline in the confirmation email. So, you can try the trial offer and in that time decide whether or not the product is for you and once you decide it is not for you, you can still cancel your order or subscription as long as it is before the already given deadline date because once they have already shipped the supplements to your address, it is out of their hands as well.

·      Complaint: Deducting Money If the Product is returned:

This was also a common complaints amongst users which I will be addressing. If you are on the auto-shipment program and were not able to cancel the month’s subscription on time, you can still return the product to the company, however, this does not exempt you from shipping charges for delivering/returning the product. The Neuropathy Treatment Group charges $6.97 for shipping, so if you do happen to return your order, they will refund your money but that is after deducting their fixed delivery charges. This is something every company is ethically obliged to do so.