Is The Supplement Nerve Renew FDA Approved? The Answer Will Surprise You…

Summary: Although no dietary supplements are FDA approved, including Nerve Renew, we recommend the product 100%. Click here for the best price.

Millions of people in the country deal with nerve discomfort and complications due to diabetes, addiction, radiation, and more. Several medications to treat this issue are on the market and among them is Nerve Renew. Potential buyers want to know if this remedy is FDA approved and safe for long-term use.

What Is Nerve Renew?

The medication comes from the Neuropathy Treatment Group. The company touts the product’s alpha lipoic acid along with a combination of B vitamins to treat nerve pain and tingling.

The producers also claim that Nerve Renew improves coordination and symptoms of anxiety. They could be onto something, given that the medication has great reviews and has sold over 100,000 units. Even so, that doesn’t answer the question of whether or not the drug has FDA approval.

The Truth About Getting FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration has a thorough approval process. Sometimes companies wait years to get that elusive FDA certification.

There are separate procedures for products that are tested on animals but it appears that Nerve Renew doesn’t do animal testing. Customers take the medication orally so it requires analysis from the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

The next task is getting evaluated by the CDER. Companies must test their product and send the resulting evidence to CDER. Scientists, physicians, and pharmacologists review the samples along with the drug proposal. If the data shows that the medication has more benefits than risks, it’s labeled as safe.

Does the FDA Do Enough?

While the FDA studies the proposed drugs and the accompanying data, they don’t test them. That said, the evaluation team includes experts in the fields of science and pharmacology. They may conduct research and studies to make an appropriate determination and this includes animal testing.

Passing the animal tests means that the team can move to human subjects. The FDA is looking for the safe medical benefits that the producers claim the drug provides.

Part of the evaluation method involves analyzing existing treatments and drugs. In the case of Nerve Renew, the FDA looks at the nerve medications already on the market. This gives them a basis for reviewing the drug in question. Moreover, candidates should send results from at least two clinical trials. This provides more data for the evaluation team to study.

The REAL Meaning of “FDA Approved”

It’s easy to mistake FDA approval for expert endorsement. The FDA allows drugs based on a ratio of pros and cons. Yes, they analyze data and scientific research and even perform preliminary tests. This doesn’t mean that every approved medication is safe for all people. That’s why the FDA includes its labeling on each product.

The Difference Between Supplements vs. Drugs

The FDA does not approve any supplements

It’s important to note that these rules pertain to drugs, not supplements. Drugs are meant to target, treat, or prevent disease. On the other hand, supplements are products that enhance a diet. 

Experts assume that drugs are safe as long as they get FDA approval. As for supplements, the FDA does not have the authorization to review the safety of these products.

It is the responsibility of the supplement manufacturer. This loophole provides a clear path for supplement companies to market their products.

Final Thoughts

Nerve Renew is a supplement, not a drug. The ingredient list on its packaging shows the exact dosages of vitamins and herbs included in the formula. These include vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and D, and alpha lipoic acid, and an herbal blend of Skullcap, Fever Few, Passionflower, and Oatstraw exact. These nutrients are available in food; therefore, this product is a simple supplement.

Many doctors recommend these nutrients for patients with nerve pain so getting them in capsule form could be helpful. However, there are no long-term studies on the effects of alpha lipoic acid. Nerve Renew is a supplement and therefore does not have FDA approval.