Neuropaquell Review: Is Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals Advanced Formula Effective For Healing Damaged Nerves?

Nerve pain can take a toll on you. The continuous pain in your hands and feet can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Fortunately, there are products available to reduce pain associated with peripheral neuropathy.

One product that has been creating a lot of noise in the neuropathy supplement industry is Neuropaquell by Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals.

 With a vast variety of nerve pain supplements to choose from, it is extremely important that you select the right one for yourself.

By reading my detailed review on Neuropaquell, you can decide on whether you should get this product to treat your nerve pain.

My review provides you an insight on what Neuropaquell is, its history, ingredients, benefits, dose, and the online store that sells it. Towards the end, I will also tell you my personal view on the product.

What Is Neuropaquell?

Neuropaquell, claimed to be an effective nerve pain supplement, is made from natural ingredients.

Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals developed an advanced formula by examining at more than one peer review clinical trials.

The company goes on to state that Neuropaquell is unlike any other neuropathy supplement available on the market currently, as its formula is equivalent to that of a nerve relieving prescription medication recommended by doctor.

The neuropathy supplement contains two key ingredients — L-Arginine and B Vitamins. The supplement provides helps your body absorb nutrients better, which in return, decrease your nerve pain and other symptoms of peripheral neuropathy such as numbness of the feet and hands and burning and tingling sensation.

About the Com​​​​​pany

Neuropaquell is a product of Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals. There are no other nerve pain supplements like this one, as Neuropaquell takes the prize for being the first of its kind in offering the same level of benefits as doctor prescribed medication for peripheral neuropathy.

If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the company, just visit Fakespot and look up the company. You will find that the website has given Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals a “B” grade, which provides people, looking for a genuine solution to reduce pain in their hands and feet, a lot of relief.

In addition to this, the website also displays reviews, which you can also refer to if you are considering buying Neuropaquell for nerve pain. The company has formulated the product, using legal and natural ingredients.

A quick search online will also reveal that the supplement has made news several times over the years. Some of the notable networks Neuropaquell has been shown on include on the show, “The Doctors,” OWN, and Fox News. If you have any concerns about using this product to address nerve pain, knowing that it has received exposure on TV will provide you further relief and help you with your decision to get it for yourself or not.

How Does It Work?

Neuropaquell contains B vitamins, which work to repair nerve damage. In return, this reduces nerve pain and other symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, mainly experienced by people diagnosed with diabetes.

To increase the product’s effectiveness in treating and alleviating nerve pain, the company has optimized it with Infrared Light Therapy (IRLT).

For this reason, the company proudly markets its supplement as one-of-a-kind, calling it the “Best Product for Peripheral Neuropathy.”

What makes this product even more potent is the ingredients found in it — Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, and L-Arginine.

Out of all these ingredients, the ingredient that stands out is L-Arginine. L-Arginine, an amino acid, combats inflammation by increasing Nitric Oxide levels in the body. This role of this neurotransmitters is to relax the blood vessels and improve blood circulation throughout the body, especially to the hands and feet.

When you take the supplement as instructed, it eliminates toxins from your body, which decreases inflammation and offers immense relief from nerve pain.


You can have 4 supplements during the day, taking 2 with the first meal of the day and 2 with the last meal of the day. It is advised that you take the supplement with a tall glass of water on a scheduled time each day. You should always take the supplement with food and never with carbonated drinks.

List of Ingredients

According to Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals, L-Arginine, which is their main ingredient, is the reason for Neuropaquell’s rise to the top in the market.

The manufacture further states that if a nerve pain supplement does not have L-Arginine, people should avoid buying it.

If you choose to go the other route of injecting every ingredient found in Neuropaquell separately into your body, it will cost you over $145 each month to do.

Therefore, it is better to go with a product that combines all the essential ingredients into one to provide you with an effective remedy against nerve pain. Here is a quick look at the different ingredients found in Neuropaquell:


  • The product contains two herbs, passion flower and skullcap, which work together to reduce nervousness and anxiety
  • The product does not contain any ingredients with addictive qualities
  • The product contains only those ingredients, which research has proven to work for nerve pain
  • The product does not have any side effects thus far when and if taken along with other prescription medication
  • The product contains high quality B vitamins, which other products do not contain
  • The product also provides other benefits such as improved sleep, improved balance and coordination, and decreased stress and anxiety

Side Effects

Even though Neuropaquell does not have any reported side effects, it does contain a few ingredients that can cause a side effect. One known side effect that may occur is Feverfew, which results in flatulence and diarrhea. Passion flower may cause a person to develop dizziness whereas L-Arginine can cause abdominal pain.

However, users who have taken Neuropaquell have not reported experiencing any of these side effects, hence making them a rare occurrence. Moreover, King Khalid University conducted their own research on Neuropaquell and concluded the subjects did not experience any side effects.

What Customers Say About Neuropaquell?

Neuropaquell has received both positive and negative reviews, but more positive reviews. It is important to look at various reviews, as they will help you make up your mind about getting Neuropaquell.

Customer Complaints

Pierre bought the nerve pain supplement for his wife who experienced severe burning after taking it that you she had to stop taking after one month. He said that the product did not provide his wife with any benefit, but only heartburn after each dose. Since he bought a three-month supply, he wanted to return the last unopened bottle to the company. He left a recording, but he did not get a call back.

Rodney Hunter bought the product after seeing good reviews on it. He complained that he did not benefit from taking the nerve pain supplement and that he continues to experience foot pain. He advised others on not buying the product if they are specifically looking to alleviate foot pain. He told people he does not understand why people have written positive reviews about the product and tells them not to waste their money.

Marta bought the supplement to treat MS nerve pain but did not find any relief. Even though she returned the product to the manufacturer and received a refund, she still left a negative review due the product being ineffective.


Ellie stated that she found instant relief upon taking the nerve pain supplement. She has had nerve pain for several years and after taking the supplement, she woke up to no numbness or tingling.

Janine Lynch has tried several products for her nerve pain over the years, but nothing helped. After she started taking this product, she felt a difference in her nerve pain within ten days.

Mark McGaughey experienced extreme numbness in his left leg that it kept him awake the entire night. He ordered the product and felt the burning and pain disappear after a few days. He was really happy with the results.

Money Back Guarantee

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee as stated on their website.

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  • All ingredients combined into a cost-effective solution
  • Easy to take
  • No reported side effects
  • Offers relief from burning sensation, soreness, and stiffness
  • Receive a free copy of Neuropathy Knockout by Dr. Gregg Hoffman, DC
  • The capsules are small and easy to take
  • There have been no reports of side effects
  • Money-back guarantee

What I Didn't Like

  • Few users complained about the product not working
  • Pain will begin after you stop taking it
  • Vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage if taken too much of it


There is no harm in trying the nerve pain supplement, as there is no reason to question or suspect the company of wrongdoing or selling a fraudulent product. The company has mentioned that their product has been backed by proven clinical studies on Medline Plus, Pub Med, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, and NCBI. In short, you should try it, as you may just benefit from it.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Neuropaquell from the official online store of Quantum Leap Nutraceutical. A single bottle of Neuropaquell costs $44.95 with shipping and handling, 3 bottles costs $126, and 6 bottles cost $234. You should not purchase this nerve pain supplement from third party websites such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, as they may turn out to be fake.